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Articles appear on this page at various stages throughout the production process between their acceptance for publication and their final assignment to an issue of the East and Central African Journal of Surgery.
Articles in Press are published under 3 possible category labels: (1) Accepted articles are initially modified for consistent formatting and presentation and to include a cover page with metadata and citation information. Before the final versions are available in issues of the ECAJS—while they are undergoing copyediting, typesetting, and proofreading by editors and authors—we may publish articles as (2) Uncorrected Proofs, which have been copyedited and typeset but will go further proofreading and correction. Articles may also be published as (3) Corrected Proofs, which are the author-approved final versions that lack the final citation details, such as page numbers, volume number, issue number, and digital object identifier. We publish these versions here so that they can be accessed and cited as early as possible, but readers must be mindful that finalized articles will differ from earlier versions and that errors may be detected throughout the production process.  
These early-access articles can be cited using the citation information displayed within the respective article files. The original publication date will be indicated on all versions of each published article, including the final version of record.
Last updated: 2 September 2022

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