A Two Stage Procedure Osteotomy Osteoclasis as a Safe Way of Treating Genu Valgus Deformity. A case report

  • A. Ayele
Keywords: osteotomy, osteoclasis, genu valgum


This is a case report of a fifteen years old male patient from north Shoa about one hundred and twenty km from the capital city of Ethiopia., who was having a knock-knee deformity since child hood. Even he didn’t remember when he started to notice it. Finally about six months back one remote relative was visiting him and brought him to our Hospital where I gave him hope by telling him that is manageable and I did convince him that he will have a corrected knee within a short period of time and all families were happy. Finally patient was admitted and investigated then I did a two stage procedure (osteotomy-osteoclasis) where on immediate post-operative day it was notable the correction and after a month the cast was removed where the limb was straight.



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