Extended Debridement and Skin Graft as Local Treatment of Cobra Snake Bite Injury: A Case Report

  • G. Mari
  • J. Abonga
  • P. Romano
  • L. Ojom
  • J. C.O. Olin
  • M. Komakech
  • A. Costanzi
  • P. Brown
Keywords: snakebite, cobra, surgical treatment, debridement, skin graft, osteomyelitis


Snakebite is a serious issue in rural areas of developing countries as Uganda. In children above all snakebite seems to be more common. Availability of anti-venoms is very poor. Local tissue damage caused by snake venom, either cytotoxic or necrotic, can continue even after systemic crisis has expired. We report the case of a 5 years old male child, born in Kitgum district, Northern Uganda, carried in hospital for a Cobra snake bite on the right foot who could not receive anti-venom. Debridement of the bite site, wound lavage, amputation and skin graft were required. Progression of the local infection associated to the reappearance of high fever induced us to bring the debridement up to the leg almost at the level of the knee in order to prevent unset of tibial Osteomyelitis and to be able to perform skin grafting.


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