Intranasal Endoscopic Repair of Bilateral Choanal Atresia in a Male Newborn with Crouzon’s Syndrome

  • A. D. Dunmade
  • I. O. Ajayi
  • B. S. Alabi
  • O. A. Mokuolu
  • B. O. Bolaji
  • O. I. Oyinloye


Bilateral choanal atresia is a rare developmental problem in which there is narrowing of the posterior nasal aperture. Commoner in female newborns, it is usually associated with respiratory distress and cyanosis. We present a 30hr old male child with respiratory distress and intermittent cyanosis at birth. On examination patency was not demonstrable in both nasal cavities on insertion of nasal catheter. Low-dose CT scan demonstrated bilateral choanal atresia. Patient had intranasal endoscopic repair of atresia and nasal stenting. Child was discharged after 4weeks and was followed up for 5months.


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