An Unusual Lymphatic Metastasis of Cancer of the Prostate: A Report of 3 Cases

  • A. A. Ajape
  • S. A. Kuranga
  • K. O.O. Ibrahim
  • A. Babata


Cancer of the Prostate is the most common cancer among men. An era of prostate specific antigen has changed the pattern of presentation in many parts of the world; with screendetected diseases constituting the significant proportion. The pattern of cancer of the prostate progression is well defined and documented, however, atypical manifestation of lymph node and cutaneous metastases are not uncommonly encountered in clinical practice. We present three case reports of such an atypical presentation of cancer of the prostate to further highlight the existence of such manner of presentation and management challenges, in addition to the late presentation in our environment. It is also met to increase the index of suspicion in the diagnosis of atypical presentation of cancer of the prostate.


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