Planning to succeed: Career development resources for future African neurosurgeons

  • Ulrick S. Kanmounye
  • Yvan Zolo
  • Francklin Tétinou
  • Stéphane Nguembu
  • Nathalie C. Ghomsi
  • Régis Takoukam
Keywords: career development, neurosurgery, medical students, medical residency, Africa


Postgraduate neurosurgery programs are highly selective, so the applications of aspiring neurosurgeons must be flawless. With guidance, planning, and effort, applicants can gain admission into these programs. Career development can help applicants navigate through this process. Pristine personal statements, CVs, and letters of recommendation weigh heavily in the ranking and admission of students and residents. Therefore, applicants should gain experience and skills that will improve their applications. Prospective applicants can improve their caliber if they leverage free online educational resources. Moreover, the creation and professional curation of social media handles can increase the visibility and network of aspiring neurosurgeons.

L&L (Lessons and Lectures in Surgery and Research)