Surgical outcomes of living kidney donors at a nascent transplant center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Engida Abebe
  • Mahteme Bekele
  • Teklebirhan Berehe
  • Mekdim Tadese
  • Kenneth J. Woodside
  • Momina Ahmed
  • Alan B. Leichtman
  • Faski Tedela
  • Mersema Abate
  • Berhanu Worku
  • Seyfemichael Getachew
  • Leja Hamza, `
  • Lina Mohamed
  • Wubishet Jote
  • Seyum Assefa
  • Zerihun Abebe
  • Wendimagegn Gezahegn
  • Berhane Redae
  • Jeffery D. Punch
Keywords: transplant, living kidney donor, outcomes


Introduction: Living donors are the main source of kidney in most transplant center and the only in some. The safety of these special peoples is a high priority. This study aimed to describe socio-demographic characteristics and surgical outcomes of living kidney donors in a nascent transplant center in a sub-Saharan African country

Methods: A retrospective analysis of all living kidney donor in the first two years (September 2015 to August 2017) performed at Ethiopia’s National Kidney Transplant Center was done. The center is located at St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College in Addis Ababa.

Results: A total of 52 donor nephrectomies were done of which 38.5 %( 20) of the cases were done in the first year. Females made 53.8 %( 28) of the donors. Age of donors ranged from 21to 66 with a mean of 32.8 years. Most common donors were siblings 23(44.2%) followed by parents 7(13.5%). The most common form of surgery was Hand Assisted Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy (HALDN) 80.8 %( 42) with a conversion rate of 6.7 %( 3).  All nephrectomies were left side, 48(92.3%) of the patients had only one artery. Average operation time and estimated blood loss were 159 minutes and 160ml in HALDN while that of open nephrectomy were 126 minutes and 220mls.  Only 3 patients had early postoperative complications. One patient had postoperative small bowel obstruction. No donor death.

Conclusions: In initial experience, young adults and females are the main living kidney donors. Outcomes of living kidney donors are excellent and comparable to high volume centers.

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