Analysis of Soft Tissue Injuries and Scarring Following Terrorist Bomb Explosion at the American Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya

  • J. J. Adungo
  • V. M. Mutiso
  • M. Ngugi
  • S. Khainga
  • A. Muoki
  • M. Kimeu
Keywords: bomb blast, injuries, scarring


Background: This retrospective observational descriptive study was aimed at determining the pattern of soft tissue injuries and subsequent scars that followed the American Embassy Terrorist Bomb Explosion in Nairobi.

Methods: The study was undertaken at Kenyatta National Teaching and Referral Hospital (KNH), Nairobi. All patients attended to at KNH who were victims of the terrorist Bomb Explosion at the American Embassy in Nairobi an. Intervention: Conservative and operative intervention. Main Outcome: Scarring.

Results: 1471 patients were treated at the Kenyatta National Hospital 646 in the first 24 hours and 825 in the screening and reconstructive periods. 54% were males. 83% were treated and discharged. 71% were between the ages of 20 and 40 years. 73% of the patients had soft tissue injuries mostly in the extremities. Abnormal scar formation was the commonest complication of the injuries.


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