Colorectal Polyposis in a 15 Year Old Boy in Uganda - Case Report

  • N. Kakembo
  • P. Kisa
  • J. Sekabira
  • D. Ogdzediz
Keywords: polyposis, polyps, Uganda


Colorectal polyps usually present as rectal bleeding and are associated with increased risk of colorectal carcinoma. This is a 15 year old boy who presented with painless rectal bleeding for 9 years and mass protruding from the anus for 2 years after passing stool. He had history of 3 nephews with similar symptoms. On clinical assessment an impression of Adematous familial colorectal polyposis was made and biopsy was taken from the mass that revealed inflammatory polyps. He subsequently had a total colectomy and ileall pouch anal anastomosis with good outcome. In absence of endoscopic surveillance and diagnostic services diagnosis of colorectal polyposis syndromes is a challenge because clinicians rely on digital rectal assessment and examination under anesthesia.


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