Manual Detorsion of Testicular Torsion - A Primary Care Intervention Procedure. Case Reports

  • E. L. Mugalo
Keywords: testicular torsion, manual detorsion, testicular survival, orchidopexy


Testicular torsion is one of the known acute urological emergencies that require prompt intervention. Salvage of the testis is only possible if derotation is performed within 6 hours of onset of symptoms. The objective of this paper is to report successful manual detorsion of the testes of patients with testicular torsion. Three cases with testicular torsion requiring emergency scrotal exploration underwent manual detorsion after sedation while waiting to be taken to theatre. Case 1, a 15 year old male diagnosed with right sided testicular torsion. Case 2, a 28 year old male with right testicular torsion. Case 3, a 15 year old male who presented with a 6 hour history of left testicular torsion. Attempting manual detortion in patients with acute testicular torsion can salvage the testis against loss.


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